April 2019 – Update

To be honest, life and rain have gotten in the way of spending a lot of time in Chatham lately.  After the Plane Pull and before church, we put in a couple hours at the farm.

The blooms are starting to turn into fruit. So excited that there may be a harvest this year! Mocking birds, you are on warning, and I have good aim. A few more rows have been added, so we’re sitting at almost to 200 bushes. Spread a little mulch, and did a couple row markers. Since blackberry sonker (See our Recipes page) is one of my most favorite things, excited to see the 4 new blackberry rows thriving. Checked on the bees, but didn’t find Beeatrice (👸). They are so much fun to watch! Dropped my first frame and got one sting – not so fun.

Gorgeous and perfect day!!

– Preppy Bumpkin

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